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Plant ”Elektroizolit” (part of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group) participated in Russia’s largest international
industrial exhibition ”Innoprom-2017”, presenting the whole range of products of own production.



Golden City, the project of Glorax Development company, a member of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax group, became the winner of Urban Awards 2017 in the “Harmonious integration of the project into the environment” nomination. The jury appreciated the advantages of the business-class residential complex on the shoreline of the Gulf of Finland, especially the author’s architectural concept (on which architects and designers from the Netherlands and Russia have been working), as well as a unique project of landscaping.
A member of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax group Glorax Development company announced the start of The Golden City project construction in St. Petersburg. On the alluvial areas of Vasilievsky island there will be built six blocks of residential and commercial properties with a total area of 450 thousand square
Residential complex ”Olymp”, the Glorax Development company’s project, a member of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax group, became the winner of the "Records the real estate market" award. The project was recognized as the best in the ”Residential district of the Moscow region №1” nomination.



Analytical service Glorax Group together with representatives of the sports complex ”Olymp” (Moscow region) carried out a study of the relations of the inhabitants of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the Moscow and Leningrad areas to doing sports and fitness. The results of the study will be taken into account in the implementation of investment programs for creating a chain of fitness centers.



”Elektroizolit” plant declares available capacities for the development of low-tonnage chemistry and reports on the implementation of the import substitution program.



Residential complex ”Angliyskaya milya” (The English Mile) became the winner in ”Class-comfort project of the year in St.Petersburg” nomination of Move Realty Awards.



”Elektroizolit” plant was confirmed by international quality standards two certificates: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004, which suggests that the quality control of manufactured products at the enterprise corresponds to requirements of the world market.



Glorax Development announces investments in the amount of 2.5 billion rubles to the implementation of the residential complex ”Olymp” in Sergievo-Posadsky district (Moscow region). On a plot of 3.6 hectares it is planned to build comfort-class housing, the total construction area is 60 000 sq. m.

Golden City – a development project – won the prestigious Urban Awards in the ”Premiere of the year” category.
This award is usually given to significant projects that have come on the real estate market in 2016 and have become popular among potential buyers.

October – Glorax Life


Start of a new direction — Glorax Life – that is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and associations of people living with activities, achievements and travelling. In the zone of interests of Glorax Group there are social and cultural initiatives, interesting events.



Construction company Glorax Development in the list of the 10 most active and stable developers in the region, analyzed by the ”Kommersant” publishing house and the Academy of Real Estate (ARE).

April – Glorax Hotels: New perspectives


The opening of a new direction – Glorax Hotels – with the aim to gain a foothold in the international tourism market. An innovative business concept is developed. There have been negotiating about purchasing hotels in some of the most prestigious tourist areas of Europe (Switzerland) and Asia.

March — The rapid growth: New production


The new direction of ”Elektroizolit” plant – the production of foiled dielectrics, which is widely used in all industries, especially in electrical engineering, power engineering, electronics and radio engineering.

January — Glorax Infotech: A new office opening in Palo Alto, United States


The opening of an office in Silicone Valley, USA. The creation of a new model for the innovative projects’ development. The beginning of 4 unique products and services for the consumer and enterprise sectors, using cloud technologies, development.

October — The official establishment of Glorax Group


The creation of the Glorax Group, bringing together all areas of Capital, Development, Energy, Infotech, Infrastructure and Racing.

July — Social work of Glorax Group

The Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia Kirill gives Andrey Birzhin the order of St. Sergius of Radonezh for his services in the field of philanthropy: Glorax Group financed the reconstruction of the Trinity Sergius Lavra and the construction of the Temple of St. Sergius of Radonezh.

April — Construction of the Park in Krasnoznamensk


Financing of works on improvement of the city Park the city of Krasnoznamensk in celebration of the 80th anniversary from Yuri Gagarin birthday.

October — Creation of Glorax Capital


Creation of a new direction for the Glorax Capital company that combines the financing and development of projects and facilities of the company.

June — Creation of Glorax Racing

The creation of the Glorax Racing team for participating in the GT championship racing series. The team successfully participated in racing cars Ferrari 458 Italia GT3. Later Andrey Birzhin became the winner of the race of the Blancpain Endurance Series and entered officially the verified list of racers from the FIA.

June — Creation of Glorax Infotech 

The company decided to actively finance and develop the direction of information and high technology. Several unique online and mobile services got their start.

January — Glorax Energy Development: The growth of Elektroizolit plant

The rapid growth of Elektroizolit factory production, market share of which reached 39% and thus made it one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electric materials.

June —Glorax Infrastructure development: Mosavtodor and partners

The acquisition of the asphalt plant Ammann and PJSC Mosavtodor and partners, the largest in the Moscow region, the company in the region that provides centralized management of road construction, bridge construction and coordination of a full cycle of road construction works. The founders of the company were The main department of Management of highways of the Moscow region “Mosavtodor” and more than 60 of the road organizations in the capital region. In the future ”Mosavtodor and
partners” became the founder of more than ten road and bridge construction organizations in the Moscow region.
Within two decades, the company ”Mosavtodor and partners” coordinated full scope of road construction works in the Moscow region, implement works on construction, reconstruction of roads and artificial structures on the territory of Central, North-Western and Southern districts of the Russian Federation.

Start of construction of residential complexes, business-class “Akvarely” and “Da Vinci”. They are located in prestigious areas of Moscow region and feature rich infrastructure: they include parks, recreation areas, sports and playgrounds. The architecture of homes built on an individual project combines the original facades and panoramic glazing and a carefully planned layout.

September — Social responsibility


An active implementation of social responsibility projects: financing the construction of the Temple of St. Seraphim of Sarov.

March — Purchase of Elektroizolit plant

The acquisition of Elektroizolit plant for the company’s further development and financing of new areas of production with the objective to bring the plant to a leading position in the Russian and international market of electrical insulating materials production.

Tekta Group Glorax Group (Глоракс Групп)

August — Creation of Tekta Group

The creation of the development company Tekta Group, which today is one of the leading companies in Moscow region, projects portfolio exceeding 1.7 million square meters of business-class housing.

October — Construction of Elite and Grand Park residential complexes 

The start of business-class Elite and Grand Park residential complexes construction. For finishing houses there was used the natural stone, and the layout of the apartments and the facade has unique architectural solutions that make the house one of the most beautiful and interesting buildings of the
Moscow region.

February — Acquisition and reconstruction of the sports complex ”Olymp”

One of the largest fitness centers of Moscow region, whose area is over 5000 square meters, benefiting more than 2,500 people. The sports complex includes football pitches, spectator stands, outdoor hockey field, running track, outdoor tennis courts, indoor year-round ice rink, sports pool and children’s pool, gym, saunas, halls of martial arts and aerobics, games room.

October — Construction of the Administration of Moscow region building

The company completed the construction of a building of Administration of Moscow region. Also to 2007, the company renovated more than 750 thousand square meters of industrial and commercial facilities, invested considerable sums in the acquisition and development of warehouses in Russia and Asia, having created an impressive portfolio of residential construction.

May — Construction of administrative building and warehouse of SK Logistik

The construction of administrative building and warehouse facilities of the company SK logistics, specializing in storaging of various industrial goods, cargo and ancillary services, including rental trucks and equipment, storage and warehousing of goods and services rental of exhibition halls, land and retail space.

April — Reconstruction of Elektroizolit plant


The reconstruction of Elektroizolit plant, the largest diversified enterprises of electrotechnical industry, which later became the part of Glorax Group. The main products of the factory – electrical insulating materials and insulation systems, which are widely used and known not only in Russia but abroad as high-quality materials for power, electrical and cable industry. Along with insulating materials, the
company produces unsaturated polyester resins which are widely used in the manufacture of fiberglass structures.

September — The reconstruction of the Konakovo plant of metal

The reconstruction of the Konakovo factory of metalwork specializing in the production of the relevant to the modern construction products – steel structures and sandwich panels, which are the basis for modular prefabricated buildings and light construction custom designs.

November — Construction of shopping centers

The company is developing new lines of business: construction of small shopping centers and social facilities, including medical centers in Moscow region.

March — The reconstruction of a logistics center ABB

The reconstruction of a logistics center of the Swedish company ABB, a leader in power equipment and automation technologies. Performed repairs on production floors with a total area of 4,000 square meters at the company's factory and dismantled warehouse equipment with a total area of 4500 square

June — Active development of the company

The company is actively developing in the sphere of reconstruction of the office buildings and commercial properties.

Первая ступень Glorax Group (Глоракс Групп)

January — The first step

The history of the company began in 2000 when the founder and managing partner of Glorax Group Andrey Birzhin, being a student of the Moscow State University, decided to start a business in the construction sector. The company began with service on the redevelopment of monolithic buildings and structures. At that time it was a unique service that nobody else offered.