The Elektroizolit Plant Takes Part in the CWIEME Exhibition in Berlin

The Elektroizolit Plant Takes Part in the CWIEME Exhibition in Berlin

On May 5th, Elektroizolit participated in the annual CWIEME exhibition in Berlin for the second time. The plant presented the following products:

  • Composite materials based on natural mica, plastic film and synthetic paper
  • Fiberglass, textolites
  • Details of the insulating materials
  • Profiled fiberglass

CWIEME Berlin is an annual international specialized exhibition which aims to demonstrate new technological advances in equipment, technology, and resources in the production of electrical and magnetic materials used in such industries as automotive, energy and electricity.

The exhibitors included 750 companies from different continents: the producers of raw materials, intermediate materials (semi-finished), finished products for various industries, distributors, equipment manufacturers, and software.

Among the guests were world-famous companies such as Bosch, ABB, Alstom, TRAFTA, BALKAN MOTOR, SERTEK, Kriger & Sohn GmbH, and Intertrafo.

Other companies represented industries such as automotive, instrumentation, engineering, energy, oil and gas, chemical industries, the research and foreign-economic sphere, as well as the construction sector.

CWIEME Berlin provided an excellent opportunity for Elektroizolit to not only present its products to world leaders, but to also lay the foundation for future international cooperation.