The “Elektroizolit” plant declares free capacities for development of the branch of the low-tonnage chemistry

The Elektroizolit plant declares free capacities for development of the branch of the low-tonnage chemistry

PJSC “Elektroizolit”, Andrey Birzhin’ Glorax Group member, took part in the largest Russian exhibition of electrotechnical equipment «Electro-2017». From April 17 to 20, the representatives of the company discussed with potential partners the prospects for development of this and other important sectors from the point of view of import substitution, and also presented products of their own production.


Commercial Director of PJSC “Elektroizolit” Aleksandr Puris: “We are moving along the path of import substitution and one of the goals of our participation in the exhibition “Electro-2017” is the search for partners in order to create new products based on the capacities of the “Elektroizolit” enterprise”.


“We are interested in developing so important for the Russian Federation low-tonnage chemistry, especially since we have all the advantages for this: free capacities for the production of the product, as well as highly qualified trained personnel,” – said the CEO Glorax Group Aleksander Andrianov.


The low-tonnage chemistry products include chemical agents and reagents, biological active agents and surface-active substances. These can be additives to fuel, plant protection products, reagents, inhibitors of corrosive processes and other types of commercial products. To date, most of the low-tonnage chemistry products in the Russian market are imported substances. The Glorax Group owner Andrey Birzhin considers it necessary to pay attention at this situation, moreover, the “Elektroizolit” enterprise has enough capacities for the development of such a promising industry.


The enterprise produces more than 300 products, which include electrical insulation materials, varnishes, laminates, as well as unsaturated polyester resins. At the exhibition “Electro-2017” the enterprise presented varnishes for enamelling wires and varnishes for impregnating windings of electric machines, compounds, coating enamels and varnishes, textolites, fiberglass, profile glass plastics and various parts made of electrical insulating materials.


The “Electro-2017” Exhibition is a convenient site for communication of participants of the electrical insulating materials’ market. Participation in the exhibition implies a mandatory business program: meetings with representatives of the leading companies in the electrical engineering sector, summing up the results of the industry development over the past year and concluding agreements for the future. The exhibition was visited by more than ten thousand specialists, besides the “Elektroizolit” plant by Andrey Birzhin, 275 companies from 17 countries of the world also presented their products.


PJSC “Elektroizolit” ( is the leading Russian enterprise in the electrotechnical industry located in the town of Khotkovo (The Moscow region). The company supplies equipment for the needs of the air, railway and defense industries, implements import-substitution programs for the Russian enterprises. The plant specializes in the production of electrical insulating materials for insulation systems of turbo, hydro generators and high-voltage electrical machines, for insulation systems of traction motors and DC motors, for low-voltage electrical machines, cable industry, etc.


Glorax Group ( is a group of companies with a private equity fund created by the Russian investor and manager Andrey Birzhin in 2014. The group includes Glorax Development – a company specializing in the construction of residential complexes, commercial real estate, as well as social infrastructure facilities. It is included in the top-10 developers of St. Petersburg. Currently, the Glorax Development project’s portfolio is about 1 million square meters. The presence regions: St. Petersburg, Moscow and the Moscow region. The Glorax Group also includes the “Mosavtodor and Partners” road-building company, which implements projects in the Moscow region, one of the largest Russian electrical insulating materials plants “Elektroizolit”, and other enterprises of a social and innovative orientation.

The “Electro-2017” exhibition photo-report:

Завод «Электроизолит», развивающий перспективные направления промышленной отрасли, занимает почетное место в группе компаний Glorax Group.
За время работы выставки стенд «Электроизолит» посетили представители десятков крупнейших предприятий, заинтересованных в реализации программ импортозамещения в сегменте малотоннажной химии.
Генеральный директор ПАО «Электроизолит» Александр Биржин и генеральный директор Glorax Group Александр Андрианов.
Продукция завода «Электроизолит».
Продукция завода «Электроизолит».
Коммерческий директор завода «Электроизолит» Александр Пурис.