Under the Glorax Life flag: the swimmer Andrey Kurnosov won two competitions

Under the Glorax Life flag: the swimmer Andrey Kurnosov won two competitions

Master of sports in swimming Andrey Kurnosov, a member of the Glorax Life corporate team, was the first in his age category at a distance of 1 mile in the Moscow stage of the Champions Cup, and also won an absolute victory at a distance of 1.9 km at the prestigious international Oceanmann competition in Sochi.


The sports division of the group is created to popularize an active healthy lifestyle and support professional athletes. Glorax Group helped to prepare Andrey Kurnosov, a swimmer, for the Russian and international championships of the Masters series. A 34-year-old master of sports in swimming, in addition to basic coaching, actively participates at the major world competitions, as well as regularly confirms the qualification for intermediate control swimming races. This schedule includes more than 20 starts per year. On the 27th of May, Andrew came second in the overall standings and the first in his age category at a distance of 1 mile at the Champions Cup in Moscow:


“This is one of the largest open-water competitions in Moscow, which usually gathers up to two thousand participants. In my group at a distance of 1 mile, 300 participants were applied, and those who, like me, swam without a wetsuit, they were only 30. The situation was complicated by the fact that this year there was very cold water – the temperature was about 15 degrees against the usual 28 in the pool. In such conditions, the muscles begin to work differently, the overall functionality is being reduced. Thanks to the experience and training, I successfully confirmed the qualification,”– told Andrey Kurnosov.


The very next day, on the 28th May, the athlete competed at a distance of 1.9 km. At the international Oceanmann competition, which is one of the stages of the World Cup. The competition of such a level was held for the first time in Russia, on open water in Imeretinskaya Buchta (Bay). The swimmer of the Glorax Life team became the absolute winner in his standings.


“We are pleased that the athlete of such a level joined the Glorax Life team. I am sure that his victories will inspire the Glorax Group employees to new achievements. Many employees already keep an active lifestyle, our running team also regularly participates in the marathons of Moscow and the Moscow region. Sport gives birth to persistence in people, strenghtens the character, teaches to plan and achieve the set goals, to withstand competition. All these qualities are undoubtedly important in business. Within the framework of Glorax Group, we also plan to develop a network of sports facilities in the Central and North-Western Federal District. An example of a sports complex is “Olymp” in the Moscow suburbs, on the basis of which the future champions train, and our studies prove the growing interest of the population in sports. The victories of the athletes will contribute to this”, – said the Glorax Group founder Andrey Birzhin.