Glorax Life team took part in “Vesenny Grom”

Glorax Life team took part in “Vesenny Grom”

23 April, in Meschersky park Glorax Life corporate team with numerous joggers and active lifestyle fans ran the classical half-marathon with a distance of 21,1 km.


Glorax Life running team started this year very intensively: this sport start was not the first in new season. In January a winter marathon “The road to life” took place on Ladoga Lake (in Saint Petersburg and other memorable places). Then it was “Titan” marathon in Bronnitsy (near Moscow), and finally time for spring race in Meschersky forest came – with music and fans’ support.


Glorax Life is a part of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group company and is responsible for sports, healthy lifestyle, social projects and for all that would help the employees to lead an active intense life and do sports. Glorax Life running team regularly takes part in such events and constantly improves its results.


Aleksander Andriyanov, CEO Glorax Group and team leader: “We were competing not for the prize but for the good mood and atmosphere In Glorax Group we try to form the team spirit and to motivate our employees in achieving new goals Sport and taking part in the events like this helps a lot. You should combine your work at office and active lifestyle because that’s how we can unlock our potential, teach how to overcome the difficulties and obstacles”.


Grom races have being organized since 2012. Over 1000 people took part on the first spring start. Glorax Life team members successfully ran the distance of 21,1 km and were awarded with memorial medals.