Kreativa Launches New Social Features for Its Marketing Network

Kreativa Launches New Social Features for Its Marketing Network

Good marketing communities are difficult to find, especially ones that have authentic content and aren’t plagued by self-promotion. Kreativa was built as a solution to this problem—as a home where proud marketing professionals can gain knowledge, discover useful tools and network with their peers and associates. Recently, Kreativa launched several handy social tools to make it easier for marketers to accomplish all of this and more.

Users now have a timeline where they can view fresh posts, read and write comments, and learn about new companies. They can also use the ‘People Search’ to find other marketers and grow their networks.

Moreover, a new following option allows marketers and companies to follow one another—a great way to keep up with new content. Mutual followers may also message each other directly.

Finally, members can support the best content on Kreativa—user posts, knowledge articles, interviews, portfolio works and more—via ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ buttons.

“The main goal is to bring all marketers together and let them establish connections,” said Vasily Kamyshanov, managing partner at Glorax Infotech. “We also want them to be able to share knowledge and practical advice. These new social tools contribute significantly to such an environment.”

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