Glorax Infotech Begins Developing New Community-Based Travel App

Glorax Infotech Begins Developing New Community-Based Travel App

Traveling is now easier than ever—but has the authentic traveling experience become harder to find?

It certainly isn’t easier, which is why Glorax Infotech has begun developing a new travel app called “Triptop” that will provide the best local insights for travelers who seek authentic experiences.

At the heart of Triptop is community: users can instantly get valuable info from local gurus – directions, reviews, discounts, places of interest – and meet other travelers who share their destination.

“Triptop will help you explore real country traditions, restaurants, cultural places and people,” said Managing partner of Glorax Infotech. “If you went to Taormina, you’d want to eat authentic Sicilian cuisine, not the fake touristy stuff.”

As a tool, the app will feature interactive maps, reviews, rendezvous options, and more.

But as a travel companion – and a social device – Triptop will make travelers feel at home, even when in unfamiliar territory. Local experts will help both seasoned travelers and newbies get acquainted with the best spots and best experiences in any region.

You can even become the guru of your hometown by helping other travelers have fun.

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