Glorax Life swimmer Andrey Kurnosov took part at the World Championship in Hungary

Glorax Life swimmer Andrey Kurnosov took part at the World Championship in Hungary

Andrey Kurnosov is a master of sports in swimming, professional swimmer and a member of the Glorax Life corporate team (part of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group) took part in world aquatics championships of Masters series. Competitions were held in Budapest, Hungary, from 7 to 20 August 2017.


FINA World Masters Championships is the world championship for aquatics veterans. The event was held for the 17th time and this year has collected more than 10 thousand participants from many countries. Andrey Kurnosov has been participating in the championships in the Masters category since 2013, his standard schedule is 7-8 major competitions per year, and more than a dozen intermediate control swims.


This year, the main start for Andrey was swimming for a distance of 50 m, front crawl. In this category he took the 6th place. Kurnosov also swam in several relays:

  • 4 at 50 meters, combined – 7th place;
  • 4 to 50 meters, front crawl – 13th place;
  • 4 to 50 meters, front crawl, mixed (2 men and 2 women) – 7th place;
  • 4 at 50 meters, front crawl, mixed combined (2 men and 2 women) – 14th place.


This is a very decent result for the competitions of the World Cup. The structure of participants was strong enough, competition was really felt, in the relay races we had to contend with dozens of teams. I swam my steps well, which is the 2d-3rd place in the world ranking. One of my stages met the standard of Master of sports of Russia“, – commented Andrey Kurnosov.


At the time we created a division of Glorax Life in the composition of the Glorax Group because I wanted to support our most active employees in their will of a healthy and active lifestyle. Gradually the concept of Glorax Life has spread to other sectors – in particular, in the fitness center “Olymp” we regularly hold competitions in various sports of city and regional level, special attention is paid to the development of youth sports. But we also support professional athletes. In my opinion, the example of Andrey Kurnosov, of his perseverance and devotion to his favorite business is a good role model in many areas, not only in sports. But of course, sport builds character, and in business it is a necessary moment,” – commented the founder of the Glorax Group Andrey Birzhin.


This world Cup series of Masters became the second for Andrey Kurnosov, previous, where he played, took place in Kazan in 2015. There he participated in the category of open water swimming, distance – 3 km, and took the 9th place. Next start, which will be attended by a member of the Glorax Life team – the championship of Russia. It will be held in Kazan from 13th to 16th November 2017.