Annual meeting of business units’ heads of Glorax Group

Annual meeting of business units’ heads of Glorax Group

Last weekend in Moscow the annual meeting of Glorax Group was held. Top managers and heads of business departments of the companies attended.


The event began with the speech of the founder of Glorax Group Andrey Birzhin. In his report, he identified the group’s strategic objectives in the coming years, including leadership positions in the real estate, industrial and high technology sectors. Particular emphasis was placed on expanding its presence in international markets.


In the speeches of the heads of business units, the tasks for 2018 were outlined, and this year is destined to become the most important period in the development of the group. “We have made every effort to develop the existing and launch promising areas of business from new levels in the coming year. This also applies to investment, technology and management component”, — said in the first speech CEO of Glorax Group Alexander Andrianov.


The past year was marked by impressive growth of Glorax Development: the size of the company’s investment portfolio doubled, reaching 2.5 million sq. m., and the company became the best in Saint-Petersburg in terms of growth dynamics and entered the top 5 developers of the region. In the coming year, the company will maintain its growth rate, implementing significant projects for the real estate industry.


In addition to the prospects of Glorax development business, the meeting outlined the plans of the plant “Elektroizolit”, which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary. In the coming months, new materials for high-tech industry and defense industry will begin to enter the largest domestic customers in the framework of import substitution program. Successful competition with foreign suppliers in the domestic market allows the plant to declare itself as a producer of international level and strengthen its presence in the markets of near and far abroad.


In 2018, it is planned to launch a number of high-tech projects within the IT-division, including solutions in the blockchain segment, and launch a number of software products to automate business processes of the group’s enterprises and partners.


The group will continue to develop projects at the intersection of social and investment spheres. A key example is the largest fitness center in Moscow region “Olymp”, which turns 10 years old. The plans are the development and scaling of a successful business model, which made it possible for 30 thousand residents of Moscow region to engage in sports.


The second day was devoted to the strategic planning session, in which in addition to the leadership and personally Andrey Birzhin the best employees of the group took part. During the session, the participants discussed the search for new market niches, exchanged the best ideas and practices for the formation of a strategic map of the group.


Summing up the results of the two-day meeting, CEO of Glorax Group Alexander Andrianov noted that the group has set a high standard for the coming years, expanding the horizons of its presence and remaining one of the most effective investment groups in the country.