7 Directions to a United Effort

At Glorax, we believe in taking a creative approach to investments. We are a proud partner, mentor and investor of many successful projects and entrepreneurs across the globe. We’ve earned this privilege by combining seven directions that speak to the needs and desires of people everywhere:


Glorax Development

Glorax Development – is a direction focused on development projects. The Company ensures provision of services in development, facilities management and investments in commercial and real estate. Key characteristics include high effectiveness and profitability within short-term periods and reduced budgets. Glorax Development’s portfolio includes elite business class housing, modern housing and administrative estates, sports and social facilities.


Glorax Infotech

Glorax Infotech is specialized in IT projects and start-ups in consumer services, mobile apps, software and cloud technologies. Progressive digital services and applications, use of cloud solutions in development of consumer innovations and business services is our priority.



Glorax Life

Glorax Life – promotes the values of healthy and active way of life, and consolidates people living for sport, achievements and trips. Social and cultural initiatives, original events are also within our area of interests. All those things that help to go beyond the daily routine, to feel the rhythm, taste, all sounds and shades of quality, eventful and creative life.


Glorax Capital

Glorax Capital – is the Direct Investment Fund specializing in merging and takeover market, as well as in assets management. First and foremost the Fund works in priority directions of the Group, i.e. it consolidates businesses under them, but other business areas round the globe may be also considered for investment purposes.


Glorax Infrastructure

Glorax Infrastructure invests in areas related to development and management of housing and utilities, transport, social and sports infrastructure.


Glorax Energy

Glorax Energy invests in areas related to production and transportation of energy, as well as construction in power sector and production of electro-insulation materials.


Glorax Hotels

Glorax Hotels – is multi-industry hotel business and tourism company aimed at management and development of hotels in Russia, Italy, Turkey, France and Asian countries.