Residential complex «Twin House» was put into operation


The company Glorax Development (a part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) received a permission from the State Construction Control Service to commission the “Twin House” residential complex. The new building is located in the Frunzensky district of St. Petersburg on Budapest Street 2, within walking distance from the “Mezhdunarodnaya” metro station. This project is of particular importance for the company, as Glorax Development has undertaken to provide housing to defrauded investors. Now dozens of families who have been waiting for settlement for more than 15 years will finally receive the keys to their apartments.

The residential complex “Twin House” was built on the site of “long-term construction”, which was started in 2001. During the work of the Glorax Development Company, a new project documentation was developed, the contracts were renegotiated, the construction was carried out in compliance with all terms and quality standards. The residential complex “Twin House” consists of two 20-storey buildings of brick-monolithic construction and is designed for 247 apartments. In the project there are 1-, 2-, 3-room apartments with a rough finish, as well as underground heated parking.

The head of Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, notes: “Glorax Development is a socially responsible company. We not only try to offer the market the most interesting objects for the city and buyers, but also undertake obligations for other “long-term construction” projects. And thanks to these factors, as well as the fact that we always fulfill our obligations and meet deadlines, Glorax Development has earned the reputation of a reliable developer and recognition in the professional community. ”

A distinctive feature of Glorax Development is the construction of thoughtful projects that harmoniously fit into the architectural space of the city and provide a comfortable living environment. “Twin House” was no exception – the bright architecture of the complex distinguishes it from the surrounding buildings. The two towers in the art deco style are united by a common stylobate, which houses commercial premises designed in “Twin House”.