Member of the Glorax Life team became the European Champion


Last weekend, a major event in power sports, powerlifting was held in Moscow – the WPF 2019 European Open Powerlifting Championship, bench press, deadlift and popular bench press took place, which was attended by the best athletes from all over Russia and Europe.

This year, a professional athlete Andrei Drozhzhin, a member of the Glorax Life corporate team, became the absolute winner of the WPF 2019 European Championship in the open category “Classic Powerlifting, weight category up to 125 kg”. Andrei Drozhzhin fulfilled the standard of MSIC (master of sports of international class) with excellent results: squat – 280 kg, bench press – 180 kg, deadlift – 270 kg.

The objectives of such a championship are to identify the strongest athletes, to assign sports categories and titles to the master of sports of international class and the WPF elite. In addition, records of WRF Russia, Europe and the world are fixed.

Andrei Drozhzhin has been in the Glorax Life team (a part of the Andrei Birzhin’s group of companies) for several years and regularly wins first places in the Russian and European powerlifting championships. Last year, Andrei Drozhzhin also became the European Champion, taking first place in his weight category and in the absolute offset WPF 2018.