Weightlifter of Glorax Life took gold at the 2019 WPF Russian Open Championship


The 2019 WPF Russian Open Championship in powerlifting, bench press, deadlift and national bench press was held in Moscow. Athlete Andrei Drozhzhin, a member of the Glorax Life team (a part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group), took first place in his weight category up to 125 kg and became the absolute winner of the Championship in classic powerlifting. The competition was attended by hundreds of the best athletes from all over Russia, all athletes passed strict doping control.

The weightlifter after the end of the competition noted: “A member of the Glorax Life team notes: “Powerlifting is not only physical strength, but also technical, tactical and psychological training. When working with large weights, you clearly realize the consequences of the slightest mistake. But to become a champion you must constantly overcome yourself. I have a lot of competitions and victories behind me, and I know how important psychological preparation is.”

Andrey Drozhzhin has been a member of the Glorax Life athletes’ team since 2017, and during this time he brought many awards in the treasury of the national team. He is a world-class master of sports in powerlifting, the champion of Europe and Russia. The weightlifter won gold medals in the “Open European Championship 2018”, the “Open Russian Championship 2017”, and the “Open Cup of European Champions 2017”.