The first qualifying stage of the Quadro accelerator completed


Today, the first qualifying stage of the Quadro accelerator (launched in March as part of the Glorax Infotech direction), which focuses on finding promising IT solutions in real estate, development and infrastructure, has completed. Over 2.5 months the accelerator received more than 80 applications from young and promising teams.

Analysts and experts from Glorax Infotech selected startups and invited the best teams to the next stage. A meeting of startup representatives with investors and Quadro accelerator experts will be held on May 21-22.

Analysts noted that among the startups reviewed, the majority of IT products are aimed at automating processes and improving the level of service when interacting with customers, while there are quite a few development projects involving the use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data.

“We see a global problem in the fact that both the Russian and global real estate markets are not digitized and standardized, which entails the appearance of fraudulent transactions, difficulties with international transactions, and the inability to conduct transactions quickly and remotely. That is why the real estate market is in urgent need of innovative solutions,” commented Andrei Birzhin, head of the accelerator and founder of the investment group Glorax Group.

In the current economic realities in the near future IT solutions for online demonstrations and online real estate sales will be in special demand. Analysts of Glorax Infotech note that several startups with interesting offers in this segment have passed the next qualifying round. Also interesting are services that increase the value of the product and allow developers to offer not just apartments, but a ready-made full-fledged space for living – here the tools for creating a “smart home”, a full repair cycle and its customization for the client, internal security, etc. are relevant.

In addition to the service and client parts, there is a large layer of the internal work of the development company, which is also in urgent need of automation and robotization, which is why the services of BIM-modeling of buildings, services for quality control of work performed and other similar solutions are interesting. Analysts are sure that services offering an uber-model in construction – a single platform for interaction between the developer and the final performer, which allows to digitize all processes and guarantee the quality of services provided – will be in great demand.

Acceptance of applications for participation in the Quadro accelerator continues at  and will last until mid-December 2020.