The annual meeting of directors of Glorax Group was held


The annual meeting of directors of Glorax Group was held, which was attended by top managers and heads of business units included in the group of companies. The founder of the Glorax Group, Andrei Birzhin, summed up the main results of the year, spoke about the successful launch of new projects and directions, and also outlined strategic goals for 2020.

“Last year was very successful for our team, because the total return on Glorax Group projects increased by more than 15%. We are constantly expanding our areas of competence – we are working on new projects, improving existing business areas, and are not afraid to implement the most daring ideas. Of course, a huge merit in this belongs precisely to our team – people who are charged exclusively to achieve high results.”

Andrei Birzhin indicated that this year special attention will be paid to the direction of Glorax.Infotech, within the framework of which it is planned to launch new projects that will change the approach to the real estate market both in Russia and around the world. A team of experts, analysts and IT-specialists is already working on projects, creating a completely new concept of technological solutions for the real estate market. “In the near future we will be ready to inform the market of the first news in this area,” said the head of the Glorax Group.

When discussing the development direction of the Glorax Development Company, the success over the past year was noted. In 2019, the company commissioned 2,034 apartments in four residential complexes and a kindergarten. In total, Glorax Development commissioned 161.1 thousand square meters in the territory of St. Petersburg and the Moscow region. Now the total portfolio of Glorax Development is 2.5 million square meters. Separately, we should note that this year the “Main House” and “Twin House” projects were commissioned, the obligations for which the Glorax Development Company assumed after unscrupulous developers. Deceived real estate investors have been waiting for their apartments for almost 20 years. Together in three projects (including the previously commissioned “Sherlock House”), 285 defrauded real estate investors received keys to their apartments.

Andrei Birzhin also noted that in the past year much attention in the current work was paid to adjusting the strategy improvement of the development business, taking into account the changed legislative requirements. “In 2020, as part of the development business, we plan to put into operation twice as much space as last year – about 350 thousand square meters of real estate. And all this is in projects that have already become significant for St. Petersburg,” commented Andrei Birzhin.

Over the past year, the company launched a successful Glorax Life project. The first dentistry of the CrocoDent Federal clinic network was opened in Moscow, which has already won the trust of many patients and was included in the rating of the best private dental clinics in Russia in 2019 (held jointly by Kommersant and StartSmile). This year it is planned to strengthen the direction and open new clinics of the network.

At the end of the Board of Directors, the Glorax Group strategy for 2020 was formed, the main points of business development and strengthening were fixed.