Swimmer of Glorax Life set a record of Russia and became a European Champion


Andrei Kurnosov, a member of the corporate team of Glorax Life (part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group), at the European Aquatics Championships in the Masters category set a record of Russia and became the European champion.

From 2 to 7 September in Slovenia were held international competitions in the short waters of the European Masters Swimming Championships 2018 among athletes around the world. Professional swimmer Glorax Life Andrei Kurnosov not only won medals for performances in individual races, but also won gold in the crawl mixed relay 4×50, received the title of European champion and set a new record of Russia – 23.44!

“International Championships gather the most worthy athletes from all over the world, the harder the fight and the more valuable the victory! The competition here is extremely high and not only professional training, but also discipline and self-organization are important for worthy performances. I want to thank Glorax for the support and I believe that new victories and achievements are waiting ahead,” Andrei Kurnosov commented on his speech.

The athlete continues to adhere to an active training schedule to keep fit and prepare for new competitions.