Glorax Obtains Rights and Finalizes Construction Dates for 3 New Building Sites in St. Petersburg


Glorax Development has obtained the rights and finalized construction dates for three building sites in St. Petersburg. The projects—designed by the famous Moscow architect studio A.R. Asadov—will be located in the Kalininsky, Frunzensky and Vyborgsky districts.

Glorax Development CEO Alexei Balykin provided details about standards and features for the three buildings.

“The projects will be constructed according to the highest standards of Glorax Development. Each building will include an individual architectural appearance, a fenced area, a yard-without-cars concept, panoramic windows, designer finish of common areas and landscaping, and a special microenvironment,” Alexei said.

Construction is scheduled to begin at Kostromskoy Avenue later this year. Work at Budapeshtskaya Street and Grazhdansky Avenue will begin in the first and second quarter of 2016, respectively.

“The Kostromskoy project, the first project to begin construction, will be the continuation of our line of English style architecture,” Alexei added.