Large-scale pass of GTO in Moscow region was supported by the Glorax Group

In the suburbs in the city of Khotkovo, a mass testing of the GTO standards passed. A large-scale sporting event was held on the territory of the fitness center “Olimp” (part of the Glorax Group) with the support of club coaches. The maximum number of participants came to pass GTO standards – more than 700 people. Among them were Rosgvardia soldiers, schoolchildren of the city of Khotkovo, members of the Judo Club “Cascade” (Sergiyev Posad) and residents of the city of Khotkovo (according to individual applications).

The participants fulfilled the standards included in the list of tests: running and shuttle running, swimming, throwing a projectile/ball, bending and unbending arms in a prone position, etc. The all-Russian sports complex “Ready for Labour and Defence” (GTO) is becoming more popular and in demand among children and their parents.

The event was also attended by the head of administration of Sergiyev Posad municipal district – Akulov Dmitry Alexandrovich, who congratulated the participants of such a major sporting event.

Glorax Life team members and representatives of the leading sports center “Olimp” annually involve an increasing number of residents of the Moscow region in sports life, so that the number of active and healthy lifestyle lovers is growing every year. One of the missions of the Glorax Life team is to increase the interest of the residents of Moscow and the Moscow Region in sports and healthy lifestyle, and such events can instill a love of sports from childhood.