Ligovsky City Wins Architecton-2020 Contest


Freight Rail Terminal Redevelopment Project (part of Ligovsky City programme) was awarded the gold diploma at the Architecton contest. The award was bestowed upon the international team of KCAP+Orange Architects working alongside A.Len, an architect bureau, and having presented a Grey Belt Development Plan for the historic center of Saint Petersburg. The project implies development of business-class residential complexes with the total flor area of about 517 thou. sq. m located on the plot of 30 ha confined between Ligovsky Avenue, Tosina Str. and Kasimovskaya Str. The northern part of the plot borders the future metro station Borovaya planned for construction by the city authorities.
Residential quarters will be connected by public spaces and green urban parks. The history of the site is underpinning the concept created by KCAP + Orange Architects, a consortium of Dutch urbanists, in cooperation with A.Len, a Saint Petersburg based architectural bureau. The former freight rail terminal in Ligovsky Avenue is an island featuring a beautiful installation made of railway tracks. It is exactly the clear arrangement of rails and platforms that underlies the project. According to the concept, railway tracks are expected to become green parks and be transformed into lengthy walking zones piercing the area under development. Some parks will become public spaces, while others will turn into community yards and form the heart of residential blocks.
Glorax Development is currently developing two residential quarters in Ligosvky Avenue as part of the Ligovsky City project. The First Quarter residences were commissioned in April. The residents of The Second Quarter residential complex will get their apartment keys by the end of this year. The total floor area of the first two residential quarters at Ligovsky City will equal about 200 thou. sq. m.