Ligovsky City is among the TOP-3 best-selling residential complexes in St. Petersburg


Portal compiled a rating of the best-selling residential complexes for 2019 according to Rosreestr data on contracts for participation in shared construction with individuals and legal entities. Residential complex Ligovsky City, the project of the Glorax Development Company, entered the TOP-3 business class residential complexes in St. Petersburg.

Ligovsky City is a large-scale Glorax Development project, which has been repeatedly awarded professional prizes as a project providing a multi-functional thought-out urban environment. A small number of storeys, author’s architecture, detailed interior spaces, a city square near the residential complex, several metro stations in walking distance, convenient access to the main transport arteries of the city, the proximity of the cultural and historical center of the city – all this increases the attractiveness of the Ligovsky City project in the eyes of buyers and provides a high level of sales.

Rating experts calculated that 63% of the transactions in the project were involving mortgage funds. The company provides its customers with a choice of more than 20 mortgage programs from partner banks. This allows anyone who wants to improve their level of comfort and quality of life to purchase elite housing in the historic city center.

The head of the Glorax Group Andrei Birzhin notes: “The construction of the Ligovsky City project is especially important for us, because we are trying to demonstrate that in place of depressed industrial zones we can create a new comfortable environment that meets all modern requirements – a full-fledged “city in the city”, where will be built not only housing, but also social, entertainment infrastructure and places of rest. The task is ambitious, but, as we can see, feasible! In addition, we always take responsibility for all obligations and terms to our customers, therefore Glorax Development Company has earned a reputation as a reliable developer and professional in the development community. Such a high position in the ranking proves that customers trust us and the quality of our project is at the highest level.”