Glorax Life team will be added by the professional swimmer


Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group division, within the framework of the popularization of sports and active lifestyles, will sponsor the training of professional swimmer Andrey Kurnosov to the Russian and international championships of the Masters series.

A 34-year-old master of sports in swimming Andrey Kurnosov has under his belt the participations in the championships of Russia, the Universiade, the Youth Olympic Games, the European and World Cups. Since 2013 he has been participating in the World and European Championships in the category “Masters”. The current schedule of the competitions of the athlete makes up 7-8 large world championships per year and more than a dozen intermediate control starts. Among the latest achievements, the Dutch swimming championship in January 2017, where Andrey Kurnosov set up two Dutch records at two distances, received three gold and three silver medals, as well as the French Open championship in March – where the athlete got one gold, two silver and one bronze medals. Andrey Kurnosov will compete under the Glorax Life flag:

“Andrey Birzhin has long been watching my achievements. And so we’ve got an offer to cooperate in order to motivate the Glorax Group employees with my successes. It seemed to me interesting”.

The Glorax Group founder Andrey Birzhin himself is an active participant in sports competitions, extreme expeditions and automobile racing. The Blancpain Endurance Series actively supports the Glorax Life corporate team and tends to attract not only company employees but also successful professional athletes:

“In 2016, we founded the Glorax Life division in order to support and unite people who are interested in sports, in whom there is a competitive spirit and the desire to reach the tops. The Glorax Group employees regularly participate in marathons, we have a real running team, and at the Olymp Fitness Center in Khotkovo children’s and youth competitions in swimming, football, powerlifting and other sports are held regularly. We are glad to welcome Andrey Kurnosov to our team and we hope that our cooperation will be fruitful”.

In the near future, Andrey will continue to prepare for the competitions, and also on June 3 will hold a swimming masterclass for children participating in the competitions at the Olymp Fitness Club near Moscow.