Glorax Life team took part in an international ascent of Mont Blanc


Glorax Life team (part of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group) took part in the ascent of Mont Blanc. The group included employees of the Glorax group and international professional climbers.

Mont Blanc is the highest peak of Western Europe (4 808 m.), which is located in the Alps on the border of France and Italy. The conquest of Mont Blanc can be successful only if you have the proper physical training, and the route is deceit: this area of the Alps has an extremely unstable climate, which may interfere with the plans of climbers at any time.

Glorax Life team led by Vasily Suvorov had made the ascent of the Western mountaintop in difficult weather conditions, with a snow cover having increased by 1 meter and poor visibility. Within the acclimatization the team visited the station of Aiguille du MIDI at the altitude of 3842 m., equipped with a special viewing platform, which offers the most impressive views of the surrounding peaks.

After the preparatory phase of climbing, the group began the ascent, passing the Tete Rousse shelter, situated at a height of 3167 m. and breaking the leg called the “Gully of death”, as it is the most dangerous part of the route of ascent due to constant rockfalls.

Then the Glorax Life team stopped at 3817 m. at the shelter hut and at night attempted to further ascent from there. However, difficult weather conditions prevented the climbers to complete the project. But at that time our group has gone further than other international teams and hoisted the flag of Glorax Life over the tops of the Alps at an altitude of 4524 m.

We are proud of our colleagues, their tenacity. I am sure that they will continue to set ambitious goals and achieve them – the quality that is important in our work. Glorax Life unit is about to support initiatives in the field of active and healthy lifestyles among Glorax Group employees and professional athletes. We plan to continue to develop in this direction. At the moment we have planned to take part in other climbs“, – said the General Director of Glorax Group Alexander Andrianov.

Glorax Life is a part of Glorax Group that promotes a healthy lifestyle, maintains active, motivated people. Glorax Group employees regularly participate in various sports activities, interesting cultural events, support public initiatives. On the basis of the company a cross-country team formed, and recently the Glorax Group leadership has decided to bring to its project some professional athletes, who will participate in Russian and international competitions under the flag of Glorax Life.