Team Glorax Life took part in the “Ski Track of Russia – 2019”

Members of the Glorax Life team came to the start of the country’s largest ski competition “Ski Track of Russia”, which is held annually in more than 70 regions.

Together with the rest of the participants, the Glorax Life team successfully overcame the 10-kilometer distance in Khimki near Moscow. The mass start, which was attended by more than 15 thousand people, took place in the Olympic training and sports center “Planernaya”.

General Director of the Glorax Group, Alexander Andrianov, stressed: “The direction of Glorax Life is constantly updated with new members who are not indifferent to an active lifestyle and sporting achievements. At the same time, the area of our interests is expanding – for the first time, team members participated in ski competitions under the flag of Glorax Life”.

This year, more than one and a half million skiers gathered across the country, who overcame a distance of 5 and 10 km, depending on age. Professional athletes, Olympic champions, veterans in sports and, of course, amateurs took part in “Ski Track of Russia”.