Elektroizolit enters the market of Kazakhstan

The Elektroizolit resumed participation in the international specialized industrial exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA KAZKHSTAN 2018, held in Almaty.
The company presented the most promising products at the exhibition, each of which became an occasion for negotiations and cooperation agreements. Interest of consumers was caused by laminated plastics and products made of them, lacquer fabrics, glass laces, mica tapes.

According to Alexander Andrianov, General Director of Glorax Group, the exhibition “EXPO-RUSSIA KAZKHSTAN 2018” has become a useful platform for finding new partners in Kazakhstan and promoting Russian-made materials in Asia as a whole:

“The market of Kazakhstan is developing rapidly and needs modern innovative materials and technologies for various industries. “Elektroizolit” is ready to offer enterprises a quality and competitive product. The plant’s capacities allow us to close the needs of a number of industries, so we will increase production and, together with new partners, expand our presence in the region. ”

At the exhibition EXPO-RUSSIA KAZKHSTAN 2018, participating companies demonstrated the achievements in various industries for several days, established business contacts and built partnership relations. The purpose of the exhibition is the development of economic, scientific, technical, cultural and political cooperation between the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan, the establishment and strengthening of ties between countries, the development of joint business, trade, economic and investment relations.