“Elektroizolit” at the “Composite-Expo 2017”

PJSC “Elektroizolit” (a part of Glorax Group) participates in the “Composite-Expo 2017” exhibition. This is the only in Russia international specialized exhibition of composite materials, technologies and equipment, which visually demonstrates the achievements in the sphere of development of materials science, and is aimed to contribute in harmonization of new business contacts and partnerships between exhibitors.

The plant team presents its own products that are highly appreciated in the composite materials’ market: unsaturated polyester resin, composite materials, laminates and products thereof. All exhibition participants can get acquainted with the products, ask questions and discuss the possibilities of cooperation.

“We are actively entering the composite materials’ market, noting for ourselves the new ways of plant development. Highly appreciating our potential, we are in dialogue with other market participants about the technology use prospects in the priority sectors of the economy”, — said CEO Glorax Group Aleksandtr Andrianov.

PJSC “Elektroizolit” (The Moscow region, the city of Khotkovo) specializes in the production of insulation materials for insulation systems of turbo-, hydro generators and high-voltage electrical machines, for insulation systems of traction motors and DC motors of low-voltage electrical machines, cable industry, etc. At the enterprise, in addition to electrical insulating materials, there’s a production of unsaturated polyester resins (UPR), widely used in the production of fiberglass structures, slow-burning composite materials, polymer concrete and artificial stone.

The plant’s products are competitive and demanded not only in Russia but also abroad that indicates their high quality and adequate pricing. Production of electrical insulating materials at the company has always had a high quality control level, as for incoming raw materials and finished product.

More details about the “Elektroizolit”plant can be found on the website http://www.electroizolit.ru/