Glorax.IO experts took part in the Blockchain Conference Seattle 2018

The expert group Glorax.IO took part in the “Blockchain Conference Seattle 2018”. The event brought together professionals of the financial sector, venture capital market, high-tech products and IT-developments.

The main theme of the reports was the evolution of the new digital space, including the use of the blockchain outside the cryptocurrency market. Representatives of global corporations shared their experience in developing complex blockchain applications for the business sector and the financial market. In the framework of discussion panels, special attention was paid to dozens of startups that created blockchain-based platforms for various purposes. Together with other conference participants, Glorax.IO experts noted that every year investments in the blockchain sector are growing not only from individuals and businesses, but also from governments that use this technology to simplify various aspects of management.

The key tasks of the Glorax Group division are to attract specialists to work on innovative projects and search for promising IT developments that can be successfully implemented into high-tech solutions. Our team has all necessary experience to give a start to promising projects, so we are always ready to consider new ideas in the field of blockchain technologies.