Glorax Life Team Takes Part in Swimcup Open Water



On September 6, Swimcup Open Water competition was held at the Krylatskoe Rowing Canal in Moscow. Swimcup competitions have been held since 2014, gathering thousands of swimmers at the start line. The organizers have prepared three swimming lanes ranging from 1,000 to 5,000 meters long. Alexander Ionov, participating on behalf of Glorax Life team (subsidiary of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) took part in the competition, covering the distance of 1,000 meters in 19:15.70.

“I’m so happy that we can participate in sports events again, as the opportunity to test your strength on the lane is very energizing. Every sportsman enjoys the process of training and getting over themselves, knowing they are in Glorax Life team, but nothing can match the feeling of pride for the achieved result, when your personal record on the lane is put down in the official report,” said Alexander. 

It is recalled that Glorax Life sports team was set up in October 2016. The team includes runners, triathletes, swimmers, powerlifters, bodybuilders and mountaineers who represent the team at various sports tournaments of Russian and international level. The task of Glorax Life is to popularize an active lifestyle and give everyone the opportunity to discover their talents and find new sources for inspiration and development.