Glorax Life Swimmer Wins 9 Medals at the Cup of Russia Tournament


Andrei Kurnosov, a professional sportsman and a member of Glorax Life team, showed excellent results at the 27th Cup of Russia Tournament in the Masters category held on November 20-22 in Saransk, winning an impressive range of medals. He won 9 medals, including 5 gold medals, and set a national record!

The following distances brought awards to the athlete:

50 meters distance, crawl style – gold medal (a national record).

50 meters distance, breaststroke style – silver medal.

50 meters distance, butterfly style – bronze medal.

100 meters distance, complex style – gold medal.

100 meters distance, crawl style – silver medal.

Relay races:

4х50 meters, crawl style – gold medal.

4х50 meters, complex style – gold medal.

4х50 meters, mixed style/breaststroke style – gold medal.

4х50 meters, mixed style/ complex style – silver medal.

Andrei Kurnosov has been a member of Glorax Life team since 2017. During this time, he has won numerous medals and awards for the team, including a gold medal at the 2018 European Championship in the Masters category. By the last year results, the Masters Swimming Federation named Andrei Kurnosov the best swimmer in the Active Skill category.