Glorax.IO at the 13th All-Russian Digital Forum ITSF

The IT development team Glorax.IO participates in the large-scale digital IT and Security Forum (ITSF). This is the largest blockchain event in the field of digital economy and cyber security held in Kazan, where more than 1,000 experts from all over Russia have gathered.

This year the main topic of the forum was the digital transformation of business. Today we are on the verge of a fourth industrial revolution, which will affect all areas of business in the global market – from personnel to trade. Innovative solutions in the field of IT simplify all business processes in an organization: it provides the necessary analytics for the management, reduces the labor costs for personnel to perform tasks, and ensures business flexibility in accordance with market realities. At the forum Glorax.IO experts together with the best business experts in the field of IT and information security discussed key issues on this topic and possible ways of development of the sector.

Glorax.IO focuses on the latest trends in the field of IT, strives to be the trend of the modern digital economy. The direction of Glorax.IO (a part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) focuses on the development of promising projects in the field of information technology and the implementation of high-tech solutions that can improve services and contribute to the development of new digital products.