Glorax Infotech’s Accelerator Launching Pilot Projects with 2 Real Estate Startups


In June, the Quadro accelerator of Glorax Infotech (belonging to Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group), as part of the first startup selection, is launching pilot projects with founders of ReRooms, a housing product/service marketplace, and Realty Cloud, an online real estate business service. After assessing the results of their business models testing, a decision will be made on investing and further scaling.

Glorax Infotech’s accelerator was designed to search for startups offering innovative solutions for real estate, development, and infrastructure facilities. By the end of 2020, they will have received RUB 1Bln.

In May, the first selection with 80 startups from 11 Russian cities was completed. Following its results, investors chose the ReRooms and Realty Cloud projects and invited their founders to implement pilots, some of them at Glorax Development’s facilities.

Preliminary expert assessment showed that these startups meet current market demands and can become part of the technological ecosystem. The pilots will last 3 months. During this time, they will be tested in several areas at once, allowing to assess the relevance of their business models and options for further scaling.

“As part of the first acceleration selection, we have analyzed many projects aimed at digitizing various processes in the real estate market. We are currently ready to launch pilot projects with 2 of the most interesting startups. These projects are in line with new trends that have become especially relevant in the pandemic and post-pandemic context and have every chance to make a breakthrough by changing usual business practices in our conservative real estate market. We are also developing our acceleration program and will soon announce new pilot projects,” says Andrey Birzhin, founder of Glorax Group and head of the Glorax Infotech accelerator.

ReRooms online service (a Skolkovo resident) is a platform allowing to order a custom design project, repair, and buy all materials and furniture in one place. Over 5,000 designs and repairs have already been completed with the help of the service, and 500+ suppliers from all product categories are present on its marketplace. The founders, Dmitry Borisov and Yuri Goldberg, have 10+ years of experience in their own investment businesses.

Realty Cloud online service allows to check real estate for clean title and ensures transaction security. The service checks property and owners data in open sources and automatically obtains a result and conclusion on the security of a planned transaction. If minor risks are discovered, it offers ways to mitigate them. The service founders, Bulat Fazleev, Alexander Lazarev, and Radik Sharipov, have extensive experience in real estate and IT project implementation.

Applications for participation in the Quadro accelerator can be submitted at until mid-December 2020.