Glorax Infotech’s Accelerator Launches Biggest PropTech Startup Platform


Glorax Infotech’s accelerator (subsidiary of Glorax Group) has launched a platform to aggregate startups offering innovative IT solutions for real estate, development, and infrastructure facilities. It will become the largest platform in the PropTech solution industry, allowing to attract as many participants as possible to develop the industry and help promising teams find partners, expert and financial support for launching pilot projects.

Freshly launched, the platform features projects in the following core areas: real estate and development, infrastructure facilities, asset management in residential/commercial property sector, legal support, operational business process optimization, neural network and AI research. Glorax Infotech’s accelerator representatives are actively updating the section containing information about interesting projects and teams taking part in the accelerator. The platform will soon become the biggest PropTech startup resource ever launched. All projects are available at

The platform allows potential investors to study all project materials, get in touch with the teams, consider opportunities for joint development or offer investment and expert support to the startups.

“Our goal is to make the real estate and construction industry as innovative and technological as possible. Breakthrough IT solutions have become indispensable, that’s why we are launching the biggest PropTech startup resource in the accelerator. This platform will be of interest to both real estate marketeers, enabling them to find high-quality development solutions, and to startup teams in need of expert and financial support. The real estate industry is facing a major transformation, and we are launching a resource to accelerate the process of the industry’s rapid development,” commented Andrei Birzhin, head of Glorax Group and founder of Glorax Infotech’s accelerator.

Real estate and construction startups have recently become in demand in Russia. Investments from specialized funds and developers into Russian PropTech, for instance, amounted to just over RUB 700 mln in 2019, with the total of 10 transactions concluded. In contrast, about EUR 500 mln was invested in European startups over the same year.

Still, PropTech is currently considered the most challenging industry. Its development stems from the emergence of both innovative solutions and entirely new niches and segments at all stages of the real estate life cycle, from design and construction to sales and management, followed with the use of related services.

“We receive many requests from various projects around the world, but we can support and implement only a few of them at our facilities. At the same time, the value of other projects is also great for the market. So the creation of a publicly available database of innovative PropTech solutions is the only right way to help startups and developers find each other,” added Andrei Birzhin.