Glorax Infotech Officially Launches “Kreativa” Website


Every day, thousands of design and marketing companies provide services for millions of clients across the globe. But how exactly are these parties finding each other?

One way is through Kreativa – a new global platform just launched by Glorax Infotech where clients can find the top agencies in the world to complete their projects and achieve their business goals.

“Kreativa was designed with both customers and agencies in mind,” said Managing partner of Glorax Infotech. “We want customers to have access to services that match their needs, and we want agencies to thrive on our platform when they do great work for their clients.”

Describing Kreativa as a “win-win situation” for customers and agencies, Vasily believes that Glorax is helping to solve a key problem in the digital industry.

“Marketing has become one of the biggest budget expenses of any company. If your marketing funds aren’t spent wisely, you’re in big trouble. Kreativa is making the process of hiring a design or marketing company more transparent and more trustworthy.”

Glorax Infotech designed Kreativa as an improvement from its already existing platform – Arrangency – which also functioned as a source for digital services.

Vasily explained how Kreativa, in addition to its new look & feel, has enhanced and improved upon the Arrangency system:

“The site doesn’t just look better. With Kreativa’s system for benchmarking and performance reviews, customers can now more easily locate and establish long-lasting relationships with agencies that match their needs. And agencies can better stay in shape and build a reputation through the Kreativa Index,” Vasily explained. was officially launched on July 15. You can check out the new site here.