Glorax group seeking specialists for innovative projects


Glorax group activates the search and attraction of specialists to work on innovative projects.

Glorax has formed a working group, which included IT-developers, marketers and analysts of the group, whose task is to find the most promising high-tech products for accelerations, as well as the development of their own hardware and software solutions. Priority industries for the analysis of needs identified real estate, utilities, logistics and trade, hotel and tourism business. A significant place in the development strategy is given to the introduction of high technology in the manufacturing sector.

In addition to attracting specialists with experience in leading technology companies, the group will develop cooperation with leading universities, innovative scientific and technological centers and clusters to attract young prospective specialists.

“Our task is to transform ideas into ready-made commercial technologies.We have all the necessary developments to give a start to promising undertakings.Today we are ready to attract specialists with experience, achievements and ideas at all levels, from technical development and ending with the management of promising projects” the head of Glorax Group Andrey Birzhin said.