Glorax Group founder and Glorax Development president Andrey Birzhin presented a new ecosystem and updated GloraХ brand


Andrey Birzhin presented a new ecosystem and updated GloraХ brand
The real estate company Glorax Development held a presentation of a new brand, presenting its own ecosystem which included new directions, digital services for making purchases and real estate management, as well as the first digital assistant in the world of development – Lora. All the company’s products are now united by a single multi-format GloraX brand.
The ecosystem includes a product line consisting of four types of development projects with residential and commercial construction.
GloraХ City are large-scale projects designed according to the principle of “everything is close by”. They have the necessary social and commercial infrastructure for an active modern life. Schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, places for sports, walking areas, restaurants, spas and much more are within walking distance. Everything is well thought out and created with care for people, so that the space matches the rhythm of everyone’s life.
GloraХ Air are comfort class projects that comply with three basic principles: efficiency, ergonomics and environmental friendliness. This is a new cozy space with urban comfort.
GloraХ Aura are premium class infill projects with the most advantageous location in major cities. Unique architecture created by the best international and Russian architect bureaus, carefully selected materials, attention to details and a first-class service – all this is for those who value high status and quality of life.
GloraХ Space is a completely new direction in the real estate market; these are multi-format projects that combine commercial and residential functions. The mix of modern spaces includes co-living rooms, coworking spaces, capsule hotels and serviced apartment units, as well as a creative area of interest, gastronomic markets and much more. Previously, there were no such projects in Russia.
“Our line of development products is not a marketing ploy, but an oversophisticated concept of comfort and life. We have created fundamentally new solutions, with sharply defined quality criteria, guaranteed set of options and services, and most importantly – with a high level of comfort. The existing supply in the real estate market does not satisfy all consumer needs: the world is rapidly transforming, and consumption scenarios are changing. We offer a brand-new product. All our projects will be equipped with a “smart home” system; we plan to rent out finished apartments with partial furnishings and necessary services. The main goal of our residential complexes is human convenience, and that is why they are unique,” says Andrey Birzhin, GloraX President.
An important part of the GloraX ecosystem will be digital services for real estate consumers, including the multifunctional application GloraXApp and the world’s first real estate digital assistant Lora. The purpose of the services is to help simplify all processes related to real estate: from choosing an apartment and executing a transaction to interacting with a management company and setting options inside the premises for a comfortable living.
Experts agree that the average time for concluding a real estate transaction among the residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg is from 3 to 6 months. GloraX’s new digital services will significantly shorten this period: the buyer just needs to fill out a questionnaire and list the requirements for an ideal apartment. Lora will do the rest.
Among the digital services available to GloraX customers is the “try on an apartment for yourself” service: instead of renders and layouts, there is a presentation and virtual vision glasses. Having put them on, the buyer can walk across his future apartment, estimate the scale of its space, experiment with finishing and arranging furniture.
The digital assistant remains a companion of the property owner even after the check-in, helps to manage the “smart home”, use sharing services, and solve personal problems. With its help, you can not only pay utility bills, but also call a nanny, order food delivery, book a public space, rent a bicycle or a scooter. All necessary help is in your phone! You get contactless access to the parking lot, elevator call and much more, and this is the main practical value.
The synergy of new formats of real estate, designed to create the most comfortable living environment, and unique digital services that take care of almost all household concerns of residents, will radically change the concept of the living environment and increase the demand for modern real estate.
“We have set ourselves an ambitious task, the value of which goes far beyond the creation of a product – we are building the GloraX Life community, a fellowship of urban citizens and neighbors. The infrastructure in our projects is designed not only to meet the needs of a modern buyer, but to form a new level of the concept of comfort and a new philosophy of life,” says Ekaterina Ulyanova, GloraX Marketing and PR Director.