Glorax Development launches a large-scale Ligovsky City project in Saint Petersburg


Within the concept of redevelopment of industrial areas in Saint Petersburg the company is implementing a fundamentally new space area of almost 25 hectares in the Frunzensky District of the city. Glorax Development invests about 40 billion rubles in the project.

“Ligovsky City” will be located on Ligovsky Prospekt in the boundaries of the Volkovskaya industrial zone. The development company’s project (which is a part of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group) and European architectural bureau MLA+ were chosen by the administration of the city contest “The Grey zone: transformation”. Now on this site there will be implemented modern principles of redevelopment of industrial territories, taking into account international practices. There will be built residential business-class complexes, business centers, commercial property, social infrastructure – schools, kindergartens, clinics, and recreational areas such as parks and boulevards.

Part of “Ligovsky City” includes four areas that are owned by Glorax Development. Residential complex “The First quarter” will be located on Ligovskiy Prospekt, 271; residential complex “The Second quarter” will be located on Ligovskiy Prospekt, 232. Residential and commercial premises will appear on Tosina Street, and the largest site is an area of 18 hectares on Ligovsky Prospekt, 240. All these streets and squares will symbolize an unified concept of a comfortable urban environment. The opening of “Borovaya” metro station, which is scheduled for completion in the coming years, will improve transport accessibility in the area.

“Ligovsky City” will bring together several locations, each will have its own unique environment, able to meet all the needs of residents and guests of the city. Certainly, the notion of redevelopment requires of the developer a lot more effort and investment. This also applies to longer periods of such projects, as first it is necessary to produce land clearing and very neat work on the integration of new space into the existing urban neighborhoods. But industrial zones of Saint Petersburg, often located in the heart of the city, just needed regeneration. I am sure that the “Ligovsky City” project will become a worthy example of this process“, – said the head of Glorax Group Andrey Birzhin.