Glorax Development to build over 0.5 mln sq. m to redevelop historic center


St. Petersburg City Council has approved the development concept for the former industrial zone in the historic city center presented by Glorax Development (subsidiary of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) in terms of the Ligovsky City project. The development area is limited to Ligovsky Prospekt, Tosina and Kasimovskaya Streets, and the northern section overlooks the location of the projected Borovaya metro station.

On the territory of 30 hectares, the developer is going to build another 517 thousand sq. m of business class housing, designed for 10 thousand residents. The project includes 4- to 16-storeyed apartment blocks with underground parking lots. Commercial and social infrastructure facilities, including four kindergartens, a school to admit 1,250 children, a police station, and a doctor’s room will also be situated in the territory. Commercial areas with restaurants, cafes, leisure facilities, service companies and shops will be concentrated in the northern part of the site, closer to the projected Borovaya metro station. The architectural concept of the new quarters was created by a consortium of Dutch urbanists KCAP + Orange Architects in collaboration with the St. Petersburg architectural bureau A.Len.

“Glorax Development is actively involved in renovating St. Petersburg, creating an organic and multifunctional environment to replace the former industrial zones, making the place as comfortable as possible for modern people, and the new quarters covered by the Ligovsky City project are a continuation of this work. In addition to residential, commercial and social facilities, we pay close attention to public spaces, recreation and green areas, as our goal is to change the quality of people’s lives, bringing them to a whole new level. We have always been ambitious, but this is what helps us change the face of the city and create objects of the future. Hence, the high customer demand merely confirms that we are on the right way”, said Andrey Birzhin, the head of Glorax Group.

Currently, Glorax Development sells two quarters with the total area of 200 thousand sq. m in terms of the Ligovsky City project. The First Quarter has already been commissioned, with new tenants moving in, and the residents of the Second Quarter will receive their apartment keys by the end of the year.