Glorax Development’s apartment blocks will be equipped with Smart House and Smart Apartment systems and other digital services provided by Unicorn


Glorax Development, a leading St. Petersburg developer, and Unicorn, a Skolkovo resident and the creator of Ujin digital platform, have signed a strategic partnership agreement until 2025. According to the arrangements, the Smart House, Smart Apartment systems and other digital services of the new residential complexes will be made available on a single platform at all developer’s facilities.

All AI systems at the developer’s facilities under construction will be designed and installed with the help of Ujin intelligent platform, which allows to combine solutions and establish a framework for future innovations at the same time. This approach allows you to achieve benefits for all stakeholders: residents, the management company and the developer.

By implementing a single platform for all intelligent and engineering systems, both for individual buildings and residential complexes as a whole, the developer avoids possible problems associated with the need to integrate solutions and equipment from different manufacturers. Thanks to this platform, all equipment and services will now be combined into a single digital environment: intercoms, heat and energy accounting, video surveillance, smart parking, lighting and much more. In addition, the open architecture of the platform allows to expand the list of services for residents and provide them with new services, as well as to avoid the problem of violating competition. Ujin allows for integration of almost any web interface, software, or application into its architecture.

For a management company, the introduction of such a platform at the facility is an opportunity to create a virtual control room, create personal accounts of an engineer, energy engineer, or the management company itself. Now it is possible to increase the efficiency of the management system at the facility, automate individual functions, and reduce the cost of providing services to residents. Digital services make it possible to create a balanced tariff policy for utility payments: to reduce their own costs and optimize expenses of residents.

“The key advantage for future residents from our strategic partnership is a huge number of services that will become available immediately at the stage of settlement. They will be connected via a mobile application to a single digital environment, Ujin, so they will always remain at hand. Mutual integration will allow residents to use and manage the infrastructure of their residential complex and also use individual functions of the basic Smart House packages,” said Andrei Birzhin, President of Glorax Development.

The list of specific functions included in such a package depends on the concept of the specific residential complex, the class of housing and the terms of sale. For example, this can include pre-installed leak protection, socket control, lighting, and a multi-sensor. The latter, in its turn, makes it possible to get real-time data about the premise, such as humidity, light and temperature inside the apartment, and to control the climate equipment, including air conditioning, to create a comfortable microclimate in the house.

“Today, Smart House or Smart Apartment technologies are getting more and more popular. There are hundreds of different appliances, devices and sensors on the market that work using different technologies, solving many problems and helping make everyday life easier and more comfortable. Every year, more and more such devices and technologies will appear, so the key task is to provide a single platform to combine the existing technologies and interfaces and those to appear on the market in the next 10-15 years into a single system. Ujin, thanks to its versatility and open architecture, successfully solves this task,” said Alexei Yuzhakov, co-founder of Unicorn.