Glorax Development Recognized as St. Petersburg Market Leader


The annual RREF AWARDS-2020 ceremony, devoted to residential real estate projects, has taken place in Moscow. By the results of customer and expert jury voting, Glorax Development was pronounced the winner in the nomination “St. Petersburg Market Leader”. The experts appreciated the high customer interest in the company’s residential projects and the developer’s contribution to shaping the high-quality housing market in the region.

RREF AWARDS evaluates companies and projects of the construction, investment, development, real estate, banking, and consulting sectors, highlighting the most progressive and successful solutions offered.

“We are happy with the high appreciation of the professional community, and this award confirms the trust of our clients, partners and market experts. Our goal is to create a truly multifunctional environment with each resident having access to everything they need to live, work, relax, and develop. We have managed to bring landmark projects to the market, changing both the architectural appearance of the Northern Capital and the customer’s attitude to the level of modern housing,” said Andrei Birzhin, Head of Glorax Group and President of Glorax Development.

Currently, Glorax Development’s portfolio includes 2.5 mln m2 of real estate projects, about 0.6 mln m2 of them in the active construction phase. By purchasing activity, the Company is a leading developer in the business class housing segment of St. Petersburg.