First Apartment Keys from Quarter VI Residences at Golden City Presented to Residents


The first interest holders got keys from Quarter VI of the Golden City residences constructed by Glorax Development on the Alluvial Lands on Vasilevsky Island in Saint Petersburg. Dmitry Nizkovsky, Development Vice-President at Glorax Development, presented the first key to the young family of Eugenia and Vladimir extending his thanks for selecting the flagship project by Glorax Development and wishing a lengthy and lucky life in the new house.

“This project features some truly extraterrestrial architecture and is located in a perfect environment! We have a panorama apartment overlooking the Gulf of Finland, and we already picture admiring marvelous sunsets,” said Eugenia, adding that the location would perfectly suit families with children due to fresh sea air and great coastline for lengthy walks.

Quarter VI of the Golden City has laid the foundation for a brilliant business class project on the first coastline of the Gulf of Finland. The pulsating silhouettes of buildings with decorative golden tops and a laced spire have made the residential complex a new striking landmark of the great city. The panoramic glazing, own comfortable and perfectly landscaped yard, commercial infrastructure on the ground floors, an underground parking lot, the designer’s setting of common zones, a wide choice of layout solutions, including both two-level and terraced apartments are the key advantages of the residential complex situated on the first coastline of the Gulf of Finland.

In the near future, all residents of Quarter VI will receive invitations to the formal acceptance of their properties. As part of the Golden City project, the development of Quarters VII and VIII moves on, while a construction permit for Quarter residential complex has been obtained. The development of Quarter IX is expected to start in 2021. The Golden City project envisages construction of a total of ca. 450,000 m2 of residential properties, including a multifunctional commercial cluster.