CrocoDent Federal Dental Network has launched a new educational project


CrocoDent, a federal dental network (a part of the Glorax Group), has launched a new educational project for children and their parents, which will consist of a series of lessons on hygiene and dental and oral care. This project reflects the entire philosophy of the clinic – to develop the preventive direction of dentistry in the country and fundamentally change the attitude of children to dentists.

The doctors of the clinic have developed a unique educational program where the doctor, together with the children first in theory and then in practice teaches proper oral hygiene. The first lessons of the educational project have already passed, which received positive feedback from the participants of the event.

“Among the tasks of CrocoDent, we see not only high-quality dental treatment for adults and children, but also the development of a preventive care in our country. Depending on how carefully and correctly the child monitors oral hygiene, it often depends on how early or late he will appear in the dentist’s chair for treatment. We are building a program of interaction with kindergartens and schools to reach as many children as possible. And also anyone can sign up for our educational lessons, which will be held on the basis of CrocoDent clinics”, – commented the founder of the CrocoDent clinics network, Sofia Birzhina.

The first clinic of the CrocoDent Federal Dental Network opened its doors only six months ago, but has already managed to win the love of many patients and entered the ranking of the best private dental clinics in Russia in 2019 (conducted jointly by “Kommersant” and “StartSmile”).