“Electroizolit” at the international exhibition “Energy and Electrical Engineering-2019”

PJSC “Electroizolit” (included in the group of companies of Andrei Birzhin) takes part in the 26th international exhibition of energy, electrical and lighting equipment and technologies “Energy and Electrical Engineering-2019”. This landmark event in the world of the energy industry takes place on June 25-28 in St. Petersburg at the VVC “ExpoForum”.

Representatives of the plant “Electroizolit” demonstrated to the representatives of the energy market the latest products, which are manufactured in accordance with all domestic and international standards. Particular attention was paid to glass fiber laminates, textolites, parts of them, as well as glass fiber fabrics.

According to the General Director of Glorax Group, Alexander Andrianov, this exhibition is an excellent platform for meetings of professionals and experts in the energy industry, the exchange of experience and the establishment of new business contacts. “Participation in such expositions confirms a high status among the producers of the energy sector, allows to demonstrate innovative technical solutions and products of the company. A successful business strategy now is an open dialogue with consumers and competitors, which becomes possible thanks to participation in such events,” – commented Alexander Andrianov.

The exhibition “Energy and Electrical Engineering” has been held in St. Petersburg since 1993. The exhibition is a significant industry exposition, which is traditionally attended by many Russian and foreign suppliers of power equipment. In the rating of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, the exhibition takes the first place in Russia on the subject of “Energy” in the categories “Exhibition Space”, “International Recognition”, and “Market Coverage”.