Glorax.IO experts held a meeting with representatives of the Innovation Center “Skolkovo”

The expert group Glorax.IO, consisting of analysts, IT developers and marketers, held a working meeting with representatives of the innovation center “Skolkovo”, where they discussed the development and launch of promising blockchain and IT startups in various areas.

The main topic of the negotiations was joint work on projects in the field of development, industry and services, and a number of decisions on further cooperation were developed in the field of technological entrepreneurship and identifying promising innovative projects. Also during the meeting, the participants shared an expert assessment of the development of high-tech products and blockchain platforms for various sectors of the economy, taking into account global trends and international practice.

“The number of projects implemented in the digital economy is growing every year. Glorax Group is interested in developing and integrating the latest high-tech solutions, improving its own services and developing new products. There are thousands of start-ups and innovative solutions in Russia, and the task of our Glorax.IO direction is to select the best ideas and give them life,” – says Alexander Andrianov, the general director of the Glorax Group.

Glorax.IO is a division focused on searching and implementing the latest solutions in the field of high technologies, using cloud solutions in the development of consumer innovation and business services. Our team has all the necessary groundwork to start promising projects, so we are always ready to consider new ideas in the field of blockchain technologies.