CrocoDent Wins Clinic of the Year Contest


CrocoDent federal network of dental clinics (part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) won the Clinic of the 2019/2020 Year contest starring in the Dentistry nomination. The company was awarded a diploma for state-of-the-art technologies, customized treatment approach and special attention to handling children. “We are grateful to the Expert Board for their high rating. This victory proved it again that provision of high-level medical services requires ongoing improvement efforts and keeping your focus on the client all the time. Our children’s doctors master the most modern adaptive methods facilitating both checkups and treatment,” said Sofia Birzhina, co-founder of CrocoDent.
The Clinic of the Year Contest has been held by the Komsomolskaya Pravda Radio Station since 2014. Its mission is to promote elaboration and implementation of new medical technologies, development of new forms of professional liaison and sharing experience, along with informing the general public on the best high-quality services and the most competent and client-focused healthcare facilities. The assessment of nominees is broken down into a few stages. To select the best clinics, the “popular vote” and an Expert Board meeting are held where an independent panel determines winners in every nomination by secret ballot.
CrocoDent has more than once been put among winners of various ratings due to the professional approach in treating patients displayed by its doctors and use of the most advanced methods and equipment. In November 2020, the ProDoctorov WebPortal named CrocoDent the best private dental clinic in Moscow, while in July the clinic made itself into TOP 3 private children’s dental clinics of Russia as quoted by Kommersant Publishers.