CrocoDent Recognized Best Private Moscow Dentistry, According to ProDoctorov


ProDoctorov, a Russian medical portal trending by the number of reviews, visitors and doctor profiles published, has recognized CrocoDent (subsidiary of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) the best private dentistry in Moscow. The specialized portal has also noted the clinic’s best specialists. Irina Klenkina won the first place among the dentists and hygienists of Moscow, and Daria Gavrik was recognized the Russian capital’s best children’s dentist.

 “We are happy that our clinic and its specialists are so highly respected and we appreciate that our approach to treatment finds resonance in the hearts of children and adults. At our clinic, we have tried our best to bring together sound professionals using cutting-edge treatment techniques and make the treatment process as comfortable and caring as possible, which is especially important for children. I should also note that our doctors raise their professional level by consulting the best experts in the industry several times a year to provide high-quality services,” said Sofia Birzhina, the founder of CrocoDent dentistry.

CrocoDent has been repeatedly recognized number one by various ratings thanks to the professional approach of its doctors regarding the treatment of their patients, application of new generation methods and equipment.