Commissioning of Stage III Apartments at English Mile Housing Complex Begins


On November 10, the issue of apartment keys began at English Mile Housing Complex Stage III. The complex has been commissioned by Glorax Development in St. Petersburg’s Krasnoselsky District, surrounded by several vast park zones. The first two stages of English Mile are already inhabited and a kindergarten has been put into operation to facilitate the dwellers. Another preschool educational institution of the complex will be commissioned soon, and a school is also contemplated at the site. In terms of the project, the total of about 220,000 sq. m. of real estate (3,103 apartments) has been erected. Shops, cafes, beauty studios, dry-cleaners, drug stores, children’s educational centers and other service enterprises will be located on the ground floors of the apartment houses. The advantages of the residential complex include proprietary architecture, few storeys, an English style landscaped yard, an underground parking lot, and ergonomically planned spaces.

In an atmosphere of festivity, the keys were issued to the first family of residents at Stage III apartment house by Alexander Andrianov, First Vice-President of Glorax Development, who congratulated them on behalf of the Company and wished that those keys would become the symbol of a new happy chapter in their lives.
It is planned to issue all the keys by the end of 2020.
Glorax Development’s implemented project portfolio already enumerates over ten housing complexes, including two apartment houses in St. Petersburg, a city where about 280 families of defrauded homebuyers had been waiting for their apartments to be commissioned for more than 15 years. Over a short period of time, Glorax Development erected new buildings on the sites of the delayed construction projects, raising the class of apartments and providing citizens with high-quality housing and local auxiliary infrastructure