Blancpain Endurance Series: Glorax Racing Takes First at Paul Ricard


Birzhin, Mancini and Mastronardi win the prestigious 1000 km, increase their advantage in the Am Cup Championship.

Le Castellet (FRA) – After two podiums in the first two rounds, Glorax racing has earned its first well-deserved victory at Paul Ricard.

The weekend began with a strong advantage: Rino Mastronardi claimed an impressive pole position, granting a distance of eighteen cars on more immediate rivals.

And then the race was on.

On board of the white-red Ferrari, Mastronardi maintained classroom leadership – despite pressure from other Ferrari teams like Sport Garage and Akka ASP. The pit stops go smoothly: Andrey Birzhin and Fabio Mancini swap at the wheel without missing a beat, in tandem with a swift refueling.

But it’s clear in the final hour that the duel between Glorax Racing and Team Russia BMW would decide the outcome of the race.

Mancini suffers a slow puncture. The BMW closes the gap.

“My big problem during the final laps was that I had a slow puncture,” Mancini said after the race. “I was not aware of the problem at the time, I just felt a lot of oversteer.”

Despite the unexpected puncture, Mancini still manages to finish in front – with an advantage of only 0.6 seconds.

The race lasted six hours.

“I put the traction control on ten, but I still struggled a lot, and I’m very happy that I could keep the BMW behind,” Mancini said. “I have to thank my teammates and the whole team for this excellent result.”

 Race Results:

  1. Birzhin-Mancini-Mastronardi (Ferrari 458)
  2. Matchitski-Sardarov (BMW Z4)
  3. Ojjeh-Grotz (BMW Z4)
  4. Barthez-Pons (Ferrari 458)
  5. Haring-Konstantinou-Schmickler (Porsche 997).

Am Cup Standings:

  1. Glorax Racing 66 pts
  2. Boutsen Ginion 44 pts
  3. Akka ASP 33 pts.

Am Cup Drivers:

  1. Birzhin, Mancini, Mastronardi 66 pts
  2. Grotz, Ojjeh 44 pts
  3. Barthez, Pons 33 pts.