Andrey Birzhin visited the construction sites of Glorax Development

The founder of Glorax Group Andrei Birzhin visited the construction sites of the Glorax Development facilities and personally got acquainted with the progress of current work and compliance with the construction schedule. Special attention was paid to large-scale integrated development projects on Ligovsky Prospect and on alluvial territories – Golden Gity and Ligovsky City, where a wide range of works is deployed.

To date, the construction site of the first stage of the Golden City has begun the construction of the roof, preparatory work is underway to install a golden metal spire, which will be a distinctive feature of the project. In the First Quarter of Ligovsky City, the height of individual buildings reached 10 floors, in the Second – the work is being carried out at the level of 4 floors.

During the inspection of all facilities, Andrei Birzhin evaluated the organization of construction sites, the readiness of projects and compliance with established quality standards. In addition, the founder of the Glorax Group listened to the reports of the technical directorate on the results of ongoing inspections of the quality of building materials, products and structures. As a result of the activities it was summarized that all work on the construction sites of Glorax Development objects are carried out in accordance with the stated deadlines and meet international quality standards both in terms of work performance and in terms of the materials used.

The founder of the Glorax group stressed that the projects of Glorax Development are a kind of quality mark in the North-West region thanks to the strict observance of the construction deadlines and high quality facilities.

“We are faced with a difficult but interesting task – the creation of new-format projects that can become iconic objects for St. Petersburg, so careful control at all stages of construction is so important. An ideal project begins with the creation of an original concept, but becomes a reality thanks to the careful study of every detail directly on the construction site. And here we set for ourselves the highest possible bar – the world quality standards”, — concluded Andrei Birzhin.

At the end of the year, the company Glorax Development took the leading position in terms of new construction and entered the TOP-5 developers of St. Petersburg. The company’s projects have won many international and Russian awards, which confirms the quality of the projects and the high level of trust from customers and representatives of the business community.