Andrei Birzhin, the founder of the Glorax Group and president of GloraX, announced cooperation with ReRooms



Within two years, GloraX will invest about $2m in a digital platform that automates the processes of finishing and individual renovation. The company was established on a parity basis by the federal developer GloraX in cooperation with ReRooms, a home decoration and arrangement marketplace. It will provide a service for managing the renovation of residential buildings erected by GloraX and external ones on the residential real estate market.

The company’s development will be handled by the ReRooms founders, Dmitry Borisov and Yuri Goldberg, and, on the part of GloraX, by Vice President for Development Dmitry Nizkovsky and Vice President for Organizational Development and Innovation Oksana Zabolotnova. The startup is planning to become a major technology company in the renovation market for developers and reach the planned production capacity of 5-10m sq. meters of housing by 2024.

“According to GloraХ’s development strategy updated this year, we’re trying to create a high-quality and competitive product that is ready for life as much as possible. To do this, I get the cooperation of the most progressive partners in the real estate and IT markets. Automation of the finishing process will allow us to offer our clients a wider range of options for every taste and budget, from pre-finishing to turnkey finishing, including furniture. Thanks to the possibility of choosing individual finishes, buyers can personalize their homes even at the construction stage. I’m sure that this option will become a new trend in the real estate market,” said the President of GloraХ, Andrei Birzhin.

Clients will be offered a choice of several options for standard finishing: from pre-finishing to turnkey finishing in two basic color solutions. The option of having an individual interior design will also be available for personalizing the proposed solutions. Prices for both developers and clients will be fixed at the construction stage thanks to a combination of long-term contracts with suppliers and the organization of logistics and warehousing.

GloraХ is a federal developer specializing in the construction of residential complexes, commercial real estate, and social infrastructure facilities. The company was founded in 2014. Using advanced technologies and IT solutions, GloraX projects set trends in the development of cities and become new points of attraction. Currently, their land bank is 3m sq. meters.
In 2020, the company entered the St. Petersburg Top 5 Developers category in terms of the volume of commissioned housing. The total area of the projects it had commissioned amounted to more than 360,000 sq. meters. In 2019, GloraX received the Consumer Rights and Quality of Service Award in the Real Estate/Urban Construction category and the Reliable Russian Developer Golden Badge. According to the RREF Awards 2020, GloraX is a recognized market leader in St. Petersburg.

ReRooms is a resident of the Skolkovo IT cluster and the developer of a major digital platform for home improvement in Eastern Europe. More than 1000 repairmen, 500 interior designers, and 500 companies from the segment of SMBs producing furniture, building materials, and household goods are connected to the company’s marketplace, which allows them to find customers through a new channel and increase their sales.