Accelerator by Glorax Infotech launches pilot project with artificial intelligence solutions developer


Based on the results of the second selection the Accelerator from Glorax Infotech (part of Andrei Birzhin’s Glorax Group) starts implementing pilot projects with FinCase company, developer of IT solutions for property valuation and management based on artificial intelligence. A decision whether to invest in the startup or not will be made after receiving and analyzing the results of the pilot project.

Within the Accelerator’s second selection ended in late August there were analyzed more than 100 PropTech industry startups from Russia and European countries. Investors focused their attention on the Russian Team of FinCase, with which they started a close cooperation. Initial expert evaluation showed high quality of the development and its compliance with actual market demands. The pilot project will last three months.

FinCase Company specializes in IT solutions in real estate sector, which are based on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Currently the main products are those that automate real estate valuation: automatic valuation of residential and commercial real estate, search for abnormal offers on the market, real estate price forecast, dynamic pricing system for new buildings and secondary housing market.

“It’s great that there are accelerators on the market focused on the PropTech industry, because only experts with a deep understanding of the real estate market are able to truly appreciate all the advantages of a specific project. We hope that cooperation with the accelerator will be successful and will give us an opportunity to enter new markets”, Dmitry Tsyplacov, FinСase CEO.

Glorax Infotech’s accelerator was designed to search for startups offering innovative solutions for real estate, development, and infrastructure facilities. By the end of 2020, 1 billion rubles due to be invested into the most perspective solutions. Applications in the Accelerator are accepted until mid December.

“Consumer models in the real estate market are rapidly changing – approaches to the choice of residential and commercial real estate and investment strategies of market participants are already transforming. That is why the future lies in analytical services related to automatic valuation of objects cost, analysis of the overall attractiveness of residential areas, checking objects for legal cleanliness. We are ready to contribute to the rapid digitalization of the real estate market and invest in the development of promising projects”, says Andrey Birzhin, founder of Glorax Group and head of the Glorax Infotech accelerator