Andrey Birzhin

Andrey Birzhin is an entrepreneur of a new format, the founder and president of the Glorax Group of companies.

He has extensive experience of successful implementations of projects and initiatives.

But, as Birzhin stresses, his success would be impossible without an ambitious and creative team of professionals.

Short biography

Birzhin Andrey Aleksandrovich was born on April 12, 1981. In 2002 he graduated from Economics and Management Department of M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University.

He started his career with small-scale projects for the development of Moscow Region territories. In 2001 – 2005 he held the position of Director General of Geostroydizain, LLC. In 2005 – 2009 he was Director General of Zhilstroy, LLC. Within 10 years he expanded activity in the field of construction and renovation of office buildings, industrial facilities, commercial and residential estates, sports complexes and other buildings.
Andrey Birzhin Glorax Group

Development of Tekta Group

In 2009, Andrey Birzhin established Tekta Group, which is still a significant developer in Moscow region. The company developed rapidly, for example, in 2010-2011, during the time of Birzhin’s work, Tekta increased its investment portfolio by 6 times.

In 2012, Tekta took the 5th place in the rating of the largest developers of Moscow Area according to the “Expert” magazine. In addition, the company received the “Company of the Year” award according to RBK in the “For Contribution into the Development of the Construction Industry” nomination.

Glorax Group Creation

While expanding the area of his business interests, Andrey Birzhin sold his share in Tekta Company and established Glorax Group, group of companies with the Direct Investment Fund, Glorax Capital. The Group of companies focuses on full-fledged development of different areas of business, such as real estate development, IT, energy, HoReCa, infrastructural facilities management. Besides, in summer 2016, Andrey Birzhin announced plans to establish a network of fitness centers.

Glorax Group

“We acquire shares in the companies in respective industries. It can be both a startup or existing business. We invest and deal with process management, we manage the whole chain from the idea to product creation and then from the product to the consumer”.

In addition, Andrey Birzhin’s Group of Companies pays great attention to social and charitable initiatives, such as, for example, urban residential landscaping, construction and reconstruction of churches, children’s sports support, and other socially significant activities and events. A separate area Glorax Life has been launched to create and support projects promoting the values of a healthy, bright and eventful life.

Glorax Development

Different areas of business, which are not related to development, are within Glorax Group area of interests, nevertheless, real estate business remains a priority.
Glorax Development, part of Andrey Birzhin’s Glorax Group, was established in 2014. The company specializes in the construction of residential complexes, commercial real estate, as well as social infrastructure facilities.

Currently, Glorax Development’s project portfolio amounts to about 1 million square meters. Saint Petersburg, Moscow and Moscow Region are among the areas of its presence. The main aims are to implement up-to-date projects in the area of residential and commercial real estate, to create a high-quality, balanced and marketable product. In 2016 Glorax Development entered the TOP 10 developers of Saint Petersburg.

Andrey Birzhin Glorax Development

Values and Attitudes

Andrey Birzhin calls people the greatest value to the business: “The keystone is a professional and creative team, competent, cheerful and ambitious people with gleaming eyes”.

Andrey Birzhin is not only a successful businessman, but also a winner of various prizes and awards, for example, “Person of the Year” in the “Business Innovations” nomination. Besides, he was awarded with the Order of St. Sergius of Radonezh, 2nd grade, and Russian Managers Association in conjunction with Kommersant publishing house rated Birzhin among the best managers in the construction industry.

Andrey Birzhin is a participant of Snow Challenge extreme expeditions (Alaska), and Unstoppable race (Mongolia).

“Both in extreme racing and in business you need to prepare well before start. You need to put together a motivated and experienced team. It is important to be attentive to details on the way to your goal, to demonstrate persistence, where this is justified, to exercise restraint, where risks are inappropriate, to move forward and don’t forget to look around”.

Andrey Birzhin is married and parents two children.